Facebook has been on top of the world since regarded as the best social media podium of all times. With amazing features and functionalities, users frequently access FB for viewing post updates and check incoming messages and the news feed as well as photos or videos published on the wall. With users generally accessing Facebook on Smartphone devices or tabs, it’s quite understood that the time has come for Facebook to get more advanced.
Facebook, in turn; has made actual changes in itself along side running social media podium on the web browser. Users accessing Facebook through mobile and tabs can get notifications on the device before it gets too late. The users actually look for Facebook chat support team to get any kind of issues fixed at the earliest.

Facebook Chat Support team

As many of the people look for Live facebook chat support by navigating to the help center, but they do not find sort of help doing this. In actual, many of the users do not have any idea how to enable or implement Facebook live notifications in Android device.

Here are the steps to enable or implement Facebook live notifications on  an Android device

  • Unlock your Android device and go to the menu section
  • Tap on settings icon
  • Once the slide is displayed on the screen, Tap on applications>> Application Manager>>Facebook>> Notification
  • Now Turn -on Notifications  if disabled.
In order to adjust the mobile push notifications in your Facebook Settings
  • Tap on the menu icon with three horizontal lines
  • Once done, again Tap on App settings >>Notifications
  • Now Tap next to Notifications to turn it on.
  • You can also Tap on push notifications and again tap t adjust what been notified about.
 Even if Facebook users know about it, they sometimes face one or the other problems in connection with receiving notifications:
  • Server not responding
  • Connection not getting established with the server
  • Internet connection quite slow
  • Facebook App not compatible with current OS version
But no need to worry as various third party customer service providers render Online Facebook chat support to get issues fixed at the earliest as well as provide assistance in enabling notifications in  the Android device.
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For more information Contact Facebook Helpline Number Toll Free: 

 +1-855-510-0777 (US/CA)
+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)